Mixed Media Art and Accessories

Under my picture in the high school yearbook, my goal was to be a "Rock Star". I always played music, made art, and acted in school plays. I just knew that I would be a creative person. But then, I "zigged" when I should have "zagged". I took a job at a bank, then became a realtor. I turned around and 35 years had flown by.

Through the years, inside my business suits and pumps was a girl in paint covered jeans standing in front of a canvas. I knew that the real estate closings and business lunches didn't feel right, but I was afraid of the unknown.

It's time! I left my job 3 years ago and have been creating art ever since. I also discovered that I love taking something and turning it into something different. I scour vintage stores, thrift shops, and yard sales to find things that just need a little oomph.

At the first of the year, I began making YouTube videos, showing my process.....expanded my Social Media efforts.....and I've met so many wonderfully, like-minded people. I just want to do what I am passionate about and it's about TIME!

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